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According to the recent statistical report from the Department of Education in Taiwan, the number of students studying abroad has increased significantly. More than 50% of the total number consists of students studying in the United States. Overseas Study has been growing at a rate of 7% to 10% each year since 1994.

Obviously the study reveals that study abroad in the
United States is the top choice for students in Taiwan.

It is also a trend in most other Asian countries. The following are student submitted reasons citing the US for study abroad:
  • The United States is among the most developed and advanced countries in the world.
  • The education system in the United States is similar to the system in most Asian countries (Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, etc).
  • The United States provides foreign students with a dynamic learning environment and an opportunity to experience diverse culture.
  • The school programs in the United States are very flexible and diverse.
  • The Education system in the United States is career-oriented: teaching both social and technology skills.

Based on these student responses and the past decade trend of overseas study, it is evident that there is a competitive market for foreign education, specifically in Asian countries. Universities and colleges in the United States need to promote themselves to these foreign countries, and encourage more foreign students to apply, By doing so, Universities and Colleges will be benefit in the following:

  • Circulation of name in Asian region.
  • US students will have the opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural atmosphere developing the cultural sensitivity needed in Global Business.
  • Potential for joint research and exchange programs with Asian countries.

The 21st century is a knowledge century. The information has been broadcasted to worldwide through the public media and the knowledge is exchanging in one click through Internet. The earth has become a global village and we believe the global knowledge exchange could push human being into a whole new stage. The concept of Asia Enterprise Technology Corp. has been conceived to facilitate the idea of global knowledge exchange.
Asia Enterprise Technology Corp. was founded in 1998. Focusing mainly on the global knowledge exchange and information technology