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College Fair in China
Corporate Training
College Fair in China
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AETC and Shanghai Municipal Overseas Affairs Service Center (SOASC) invite U.S. Universities and Colleges to attend 2008 Overseas Education Information Day Exhibition on March 22 in Shanghai. This one-day event provides U.S. Universities and colleges great opportunities to face-to-face discuss with prospective Chinese students and their parents about academic strengths, academic programs, admissions and other issues.

2008 Overseas Education Information Day
March 22, 2008

       Sponsored by Shanghai Educational Press Group and Shanghai Municipal Overseas Affairs Service Center (SOASC), the 2008 Overseas Education Information Day will be held on the day of March 22 in Shanghai. 

Media Support
       The Information Day event will be reported or advertised on 7 major Shanghai newspapers and magazines, including “Shanghai Morning Post”, “Shanghai Evening Post”, “Shanghai Times”, “Youth Daily”, “First Education”, “Shanghai Education”, “Career Development”, and “Shanghai High School Students”.  The names of all overseas universities committing to participate/exhibit prior to February 20th 2008 will appear on these newspapers.

       The event aims to attract the college-bound students in the Shanghai area who are mostly interested in overseas college opportunities.  It is expected around 400 students and their parents will attend.  In addition to the above-described media advertisements, Information Day information packets will be sent to 44 area high schools.

       The Information Day is a one-day event consisting of lectures/presentations as well as a limited-scale college fair.  The colleges are mostly those institutions SOASC is currently representing in China.  As of now, participants include 6 overseas colleges, including 4 from US. 
       Each school will be provided a 2x2 (meter) booth.  SOASC will prepare an information board for each school based on the basic information provided by the school. Each school booth will be provided an English-Chinese translator. 

       Each participating school will be charged $800 expenses that include booth setup, material preparing, translating service and lunchboxes. Each school will also have their school information board presented at every “Weekends Lectures” on SOASC site after Information Day, with follow-up services by SOASC education consultants.

       The Information Day is held on March 22nd at Shanghai Academy of Social Science located in the downtown of Shanghai, very close to the No.1 subway station.

       All participating schools need to confirm by Feb. 25th in order to have their names printed on the newspaper advertisements.