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Founded in 1998 in Taiwan, AETC has recently become an international corporation upon opening its Chicago based office in 2000. Asia Enterprise Technology Corporation's primary market is contracting overseas students for studying abroad. web site:

AETC contracted with the University of Illinois at Chicago for providing student-recruiting service. Within the past two years, AETC has recruited more than 100 foreign students for the University of Illinois at Chicago during last two years.

Asia Enterprise Technology Corp.

AETC has also contracted with Benedictine University, and recruited fifteen foreign students last year. Currently, AETC is promoting the University of Northern Virginia, and Knowledge System Institute in Asia.

AETC is focusing on bringing students from Asia, especially from Taiwan and China, to the United States. Since we have built a good relationship with schools in these countries, our promotion and services are successful there. Our relationships with students and Asian schools are so strong that it enables us to consistently increase the number of students we bring to the United States. Either by word or mouth from satisfied students who have returned to Asia, by advertisement in National papers, or from recommendations from University professors, AETC has seen a substantial growth in student contracts over the past few years.

Besides Recruiting students, AETC also develop to the new businesses: patent services and consulting services. Just like our philosophy: global knowledge exchange, patent and consulting services are the valuable virtual assets. How to utilize the power of knowledge and prompt the knowledge to worldwide is one of our missions.