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>>University of Northern Virginia
University of Northern Virginia
University of Northern Virginia
The mission of the University of Northern Virginia is to provide a functional synthesis of innovative and traditional educational programs leading to degrees in business and computer sciences for qualified post-secondary international and American students. UNVA delivers high quality career-oriented higher education programs in business and technology to a diverse student population. These programs incorporate general education to enhance graduates' personal development and career potential.

In harmony with its mission, UNVA is dedicated to providing the following:

  • Applications-oriented programs developed by faculty and staff through regular assessment and consultations with other education and business leaders.
  • A variety of day and evening programs to accommodate the distinctive needs of both traditional and nontraditional students.
  • Basic skills assessment and developmental services to assure that students realize their potential.
  • Effective career-development strategies and placement assistance to facilitate students' successful transition to their careers.
  • Highly motivated and qualified graduates to meet the current and projected needs of the work force.

Goals and Objectives

UNVA has become increasingly dedicated to the challenge of meeting the unique requirements of its students. The purpose of providing the opportunity for an American education to qualified individuals is expressed in all phases of the University's operations, ranging from the selection of professors to the design of the curriculum.

UNVA strives to give the student a background in general studies as well as specialized knowledge in a chosen field. While the University realizes the necessity of offering the student a large fund of available information, it believes that its primary task is to teach the student not only concepts but the process of discovery, analysis, and application of these concepts.

The basic objectives of the University are to help students develop the analytical capacity, the basic knowledge, and the attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function effectively as a citizen in an interdependent world. The University of Northern Virginia's learner and institutional goals are outlined as follows:

Learner Goals

1. To develop basic academic and professional skills
2. To develop the desire for continued learning
3. To develop problem-solving and interpersonal skills
4. To develop a positive sense of self-worth
5. To appreciate and understand the cultural differences and similarities within the learning community
6. To acquire the practical skills to act effectively in an interdependent world

Institutional Goals

1. To offer educational experiences which will stimulate a desire for learning
2. To provide programs and services supportive of the academic objectives
3. To provide student support services adequate to meet the diverse needs of international students:
4. To implement faculty and staff development procedures and programs which will ensure a high quality educational environment
5. To provide a program for international students which will aid them in their career development
6. To maintain a systematic program for institutional development and for public information

UNVA Governance

The primary function of the University is teaching. Scholarly research and other professional activities of the faculty, continuing education, and community service are encouraged, promoted, and supported. In keeping with its focus on teaching, the University seeks to recruit, develop, and retain faculty who are dedicated to quality teaching by providing dynamic classroom learning experiences that integrate theory and practice. The institution values academic freedom and the concept of shared governance.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing policy and reviewing the performance of the University.