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Urbana University
Urbana University

Mission and Vision
As an independent liberal arts institution, Urbana University's strength lies in its quality faculty, students, and curriculum supported by strong student services.
Urbana University prepares students for a lifetime of leadership and service to society through excellent classroom instruction, real world experiences, community partnerships, and technology.
It is the mission of Urbana University to offer a liberal arts education in a small college environment-emphasizing student learning through individual attention, excellence in instruction, career-oriented programs, and critical reflection on moral and ethical values.


Urbana University was founded in 1850 by followers of the 18th century Swedish philosopher and scientist, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). The university was the second institution in Ohio to admit women. The groundwork for the founding of the university was in part laid by John Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed." While more famous for spreading apple seeds throughout the East, Chapman was also a Swedenborgian missionary and helped spread this faith among the early settlers around Urbana. Chapman encouraged his friend and fellow Swedenborgian, Colonel John James, to donate the land on which Urbana University was built. To this day, the University maintains an informal relationship with the Swedenborgian General Convention of the Church of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America.


From its founders, Urbana University inherited its mission, philosophy of learning, and liberal arts traditions. Urbana University graduates are well-prepared, confident men and women who are able to adapt to many professional and personal challenges. University enrollment has grown well above the national average since 1997. Combined enrollment in all university programs is about 1,300.


Urbana University ranks as one of the least expensive private universities in Ohio. Our faculties are drawn from the finest universities and colleges in the world. More than 74 percent hold a Ph.D. or a terminal degree in their field of expertise. The student-to-faculty ratio is a comfortable 16-to-1, backing up our claim of "individual attention." The small class size enables interaction with the instructor, creating a close relationship that often is not found at larger institutions. Faculties also believe in an open door policy and post ample office hours. Students who excel in academics, leadership, service and
other areas may be recognized by invitation to membership in appropriate honor societies.


Campus facilities include a blend of modern and traditional architecture, creating a peaceful and safe setting for learning and interacting with faculty and students. Set on 128 acres, the campus consists of academic and administrative buildings including the modern Lewis and Jean Moore Center for Mathematics and Science, the multipurpose Warren G. Grimes Center, a recently renovated commons area, and a new women's residence hall completed in the fall of 2000. Residence halls offer both traditional rooms and suite-style accommodations for 350 students.


The curriculum at Urbana University is designed to reflect the values of liberal arts and career education. The liberal arts component of the curriculum is provided by courses in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. In addition, many courses and programs (for example, in business and education) are directed toward acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to effectively pursue selected careers. Degree programs are designed to provide the basic preparation for a career. The entire curriculum reflects an emphasis on personal development, an emphasis directly related to the University's historic commitment to liberal education. This approach to learning seeks to broaden the perspective of an individual toward his or her career while also providing an intellectual foundation for personal development through life.
Urbana University confers Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees in more than 20 majors in its traditional programs. In addition, the university also provides teacher certification through its accelerated program. The Master of Education degree is also awarded for Classroom Teaching. A nursing degree program was recently begun in partnership with Community Hospital in Springfield, Ohio.